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About two weeks before the deadline of the birthday project, were are £121,41. It’s a lovely amount, but I believe we can do much much better. 

Last year we had about £735 and I was hoping to get around the same this year. Of course, it doesn’t matter and every little bit helps so please if you can spare something, consider donating. 

This blog has over 11,000 people following. It even HALF of them would donate £1 (or €1 or $1) we’d have such a beautiful gift for Andrew’s birthday and a great charity. 

Here’s more info


Or send your money via paypall to, I will add the money sent through paypall to the “raised offline” donations and once we reach the deadline, I’ll add all of them to the actual donations. Do sent me a message / email if you’ve donated to my paypall, so I can confirm I received your money well.